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Andres Ayesta

Andres Ayesta


You can call me Andres. I am a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. I created Vive as a way to pursue my vision help redefine the way we see nutrition. I believe in balance, consistency, commitment and fun. I create plans tailored to your needs where the fun things in life (i.e. pizza) can still be included.

I am specialized in sports nutrition, wellness, health promotion, and weight management. I help athletes and non-athletes reach their full potential and perform at their best in sports, work, and life, as we know it.

“I am hopeful I can provide the necessary nutrition tools for people to make their own healthful and purposeful nutrition-related decisions to reach their goals”

Ever since I was little, I wanted to help change people’s lives. When I turned down my chances to become a doctor, I realized that my goal was not to treat and cure, my goal was to prevent and provided quality of life. That is how my nutrition journey started. I was also an athlete growing up and I developed a major interest in understanding how the body works during exercise and sports. Beyond that I wanted to find ways to make it work better. I knew nutrition had a big impact so that is the path I followed. Below a summary of professional background